Sledge Hockey

Sledge Hockey

Sport Overview

Sledge Hockey is a fast-paced, highly physical sport played by male and female athletes who have physical disabilities in the lower parts of their bodies. They include amputees, spina bifida, cerebral palsy and Les Autres conditions. It is governed provincially by the Ontario Sledge Hockey Association (OSHA) and follows the rules of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) with some modifications.

Sledge Hockey is similar to Ice Hockey. In both sports teams play with six players (5 skaters and a goalie) on the ice surface and attempt to outscore their opponents by shooting the puck into the opposing team's goal while preventing the opposing team from scoring. The players sit and are strapped onto custom-made aluminium frame sledges that have two blades and a runner. The players use 2 sticks each. These sticks have blades on one end and picks on the opposite end. The pick end of the sticks is used to propel the players along the ice and the blade end is used for stickhandling, passing and shooting. Sledge Hockey games consist of three 15-minute periods.


Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre

254 North Park St, Brantford

(519) 756-9900

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